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Shift Happens

Reorienting to the 'new normal'

Like many of us over the past several weeks, I've been at home focused on optimizing my health, creating new routines, and finding ways to adjust to life during pandemic. Despite the sweatpants, some days can be more challenging than others, so really prioritizing my self-care more than ever has been necessary. Taking care of myself has also meant that after the initial rollout of Intrins Inq on Leap Day and March Fourth, I had to just press pause.

“with most of the world shut down, what does this unfamiliar space open up within us?”

I'm excited to share some of my self-care strategies but this unique moment has also posed some really tough questions. Even if we regularly make time for self-reflection, with most of the world shut down, what does this unfamiliar space open up within us? With less distractions or access to some typical supports and coping mechanisms, have we encountered ourselves, our behaviors, or our partners in a new way? Do we see ourselves differently when parts of our identity seem challenged or removed? What forms of grief are we experiencing? Have our priorities changed and how will we integrate this new perspective?

As someone who likes to plan and be productive, and just started a business, honoring my self-care needs and then managing the self-critical thoughts, feelings of guilt, and the negative feedback loop that creates, was harder than usual at first. However having to work through the discomfort to quiet an amplified inner critic and the lived experience of a healthier balance has been helpful to be able to incorporate into my 'new normal'.

I would love to hear what insights and questions have come up for you and the areas you most need support with. Feel free to comment or send me a message, and remember to be gentle with yourself!

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