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Health + Healing is Holistiq

...and seemingly small or simple choices have the potential to effect profound change

At the age of thirty, I thought I was on top of the world. After some adventure, soul-searching, and living in California in my early twenties, I had advanced in my fashion career as Head Designer of a brand I loved. I was living my teenage dream in New York City and lucky to share it with a wonderful man I planned to marry. So when he ended our engagement and moved out...I. Was. Devastated.

Over the years I had developed an interest in health and wellness, especially food and diet. I was already aware of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) so while I was seeking ways to heal from this loss and rejection, I attended an open house event with Deepak Chopra. Besides this 'alternative' medicine rock star, their holistic view of health and the energy of the room really rocked my world. I had no idea where it would lead, I only knew that I needed to enroll in this program.

“...making healthy choices have a cumulative effect that can radically transform your life, even if it's one bite at a time"

IIN's Health Coaching training also appealed to my entrepreneurial spirit, providing not only practical tools but some essential shifts in thinking that IIN inspired many to take bold action in their lives. In that way, it models some principles of coaching itself and was effective to motivate me to launch my first health coaching business in 2010. I was also selected to attend an exclusive business development retreat in Costa Rica that I remember most for the truly authentic connections.

On this Health Coach Day, it's interesting to reflect how taking that first step led to a whole new career path in holistic wellness. I'm so excited to be reintegrating health coaching professionally again, starting with Sober Qurious offerings this fall. And in this full circle moment, I'm reminded in an impactful way how healing and creating sustainable change is incremental, and making healthy choices have a cumulative effect that can radically transform your life, even if it's one bite at a time.

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