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She's Qrafty: Vinyl Bowl

A thrifty and stylish quick craft

Growing up, music was still a tangible product and I consumed its various formats from vinyl to cassette and compact discs (thanks Columbia House). Before algorithms there was album art and besides a sense of discovery, these formats also lent themselves to listening to the album in its entirety, fostering an experience and opportunity for ritual. Though these evolutions improved sound quality, the vinyl revival suggests that many miss that intimacy and pandemic has us craving novelty and nostalgia. In Philly, I love checking out independents like Main Street Music in Manayunk (there since the nineties!) and Latchkey in Passyunk Square (a new shop celebrating the nineties!).

For me, being creative is a coping skill, being thrifty and eco-conscious are habits, and it's always satisfying and fun to say 'I made that'! I find joy in life's simple pleasures, so if getting lost in the record racks, finding art and a label that speaks to you (the cover with a pink triangle and French flag titled 'Diva' got my two dollars), and getting crafty listening to a concept album sounds like an afternoon well-spent, here's how to DIY DIY, my darling...


Gather your vinyl, oven-proof bowl, cookie sheet, oven mitts, and rubber gloves

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit

Place your bowl upside-down on the cookie sheet, centering the vinyl on top

Set a timer for about five minutes and remove from the oven with mitts after it melts over the bowl

With your rubber gloves, place the vinyl inside the bowl and quickly mold it however you like

If it starts to harden and you don't like the shape, just pop it back into the oven to heat again

Set a timer to let it cool for about ten minutes

Do not place in direct sunlight or use to serve unwrapped food items

Display your objet!


Share some photos if you try it and use the hashtag #unloqthepotentialwithin

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