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Immune system elixir recipe

A natural, preventive DIY home remedy

When I first grasped the threat the pandemic posed, one of the first things I did was to focus on boosting my immune system. Engaging in a regular exercise routine and meditation practice, maintaining sleep hygiene, limiting alcohol intake, and being mindful of healthy food choices are great habits anytime that support our immune response. But like most of us, our behavior may shift over time so it motivated me to be much more diligent. As an added bonus, focusing on health and having some sense of control with our choices can also help decrease anxiety.

For nutrition, besides stocking up on vitamins and superfoods, and brewing kombucha, I blend six ingredients known to benefit the immune system to make a simple and actually tasty supplement. It's like a homemade version of 'Airborne' I add into my morning regimen. The amounts below create a nice flavor profile and I blend with the consistency a bit chunkier, refrigerate in a sealed glass container, and enjoy 1-2 teaspoons daily.


2 lemons, washed and quartered with rinds removed

2 garlic bulbs, all cloves peeled

fresh ginger root, about 1/4 cup washed and peeled

1/2 cup raw honey

2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar

1 tsp turmeric


Of course preventive measures are just that so if you are experiencing any symptoms, consult your doctor or seek immediate medical attention. Follow CDC guidelines and continue to take good care of your holistic health!

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