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Craving less anxiety, more clarity + energy, and better sleep + connection?

Questioning your relationship with alcohol?

Maybe you notice your drinking shifted into a gray area  that you'd like to change.

Maybe you've tried to abstain on your own before but need more support.

Maybe your goal is to be sober-ish but it still feels challenging + confusing.

...and maybe not drinking isn't that radical of an idea and

you might actually feel better if you try?

Commit to being SOBER QURIOUS for  30 DAYS!




Join the Beta Launch at a reduced rate!

This 30-day group health coaching program will include:

Three 30-minute group calls

Two 15-minute individual coaching calls

Weekly emails with goals, strategies + prompts

Private Facebook group community

Resources, recipes, recommendations + discounts

Celebration event

Whet your Quriosity +


What can sobriety unloq for you?





Stopping use suddenly can be dangerous and fatal if you are dependent on alcohol.

This program is not designed or intended for those in recovery or with an active, primary

substance abuse diagnosis.  If you are dependent on alcohol and could experience withdrawal symptoms, you would benefit from treatment or require immediate medical attention.