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Working Together

I'm Justin (he/they pronouns), a Health Coach, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Advanced Alcohol + Drug Counselor in Pennsylvania (and licensed to provide telehealth in Delaware + Vermont). I provide a safe, non-judgmental space, and have an eclectic, integrative style. I serve a diverse clientele, take a holistic view building upon inherent strengths, and develop a collaborative relationship to guide the process.

I work really well with creatives, empaths, and entrepreneurs; high-achieving goal-getters, and those in creative or 'helping' professions like education or healthcare. I also offer clinical supervision, group programs, and host events. You can learn more about me by reading the blog, especially both of these posts. Contact me to schedule a complimentary telehealth consultation to discuss your needs, goals, and questions; regular sessions are available in office, via telehealth, or hybrid.

+ Anxiety    + Depression  
+ Substance Use    + Trauma
+ Identity    + Sexuality    + LGBTQ+
+ Relationships    + Non-Monogamy   
+ Life Stages + Transitions    + Career 

I utilize evidence-based practices and techniques from various therapeutic approaches I have training in, as appropriate: Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic, and Solution-Focused. I am trauma-informed, apply queer, feminist, anti-oppressive, and body/sex-positive lenses, and incorporate harm reduction principles. For female-identified clients with trauma meeting in office, this somatic modality is an option available to incorporate into your treatment plan.

+ Lifestyle Design    + Behavior Change    +  Nutrition
+ Entrepreneurship    + Career Transition

Though accountability and self-discovery are common elements, coaching is a less directive approach than therapy, more limited in scope and duration, to optimize functioning. 

Consulting + Speaking

I started my first health coaching business in 2010 and led the launch of the first substance abuse IOP program at a premier LGBTQ+ health center in Philadelphia. As a writer, speaker, educator, consultant, board member, volunteer, or activist, I have worked with various organizations to provide content, presentations, trainings, workshops, panel discussions, curricula, vision, leadership, mentorship, and passion.

Whether you're in the media, a treatment provider, practitioner, small business, corporation, ERG, affinity group, or other entity, I'm a resource for queer wellness!




3/16 Queers + NA Beers at The Volstead Manayunk



Lifestyle Design for Anxiety

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