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Though accountability, self-discovery + personal growth are common elements, coaching is a less directive approach than therapy, more focused on the present + future, and limited in scope + duration, to optimize functioning.

Intrins Inq aims to facilitate intentional healing spaces for authentic, conscious connection   with  source,  self  +  community, and the integration of accessible solutions for sustainable growth + change.

Intrins Inq envisions a queer-affirming culture inclusive of allies, centered on holistic health + creative expression, so we can live more aligned, supported, empowered + inspired.

I started my first health coaching business in 2010 and led the launch of the first substance use IOP program at a premier LGBTQ+ health center in Philadelphia. As a writer, speaker, educator, consultant, board member, volunteer, or activist, I have worked with various organizations to provide content, presentations, trainings, workshops, panel discussions, curricula, vision, leadership, mentorship, and passion.

Whether you're in the media, a treatment provider, practitioner, small business, corporation, ERG, affinity group, or other entity, I'm a resource for queer wellness.


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