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Philadelphia Business Journal, June 21, 2024

'Business of Pride' by Lisa Dukart

Philadelphia Gay News, August 30, 2023     

'Philly LGBTQ+ businesses receive grant package

from Comcast' by Michele Zipkin

Wine Enthusiast'As More Drinkers Ditch Booze,

Non-Alcoholic Bars Offer Essential Spaces' by Sophia Gottfried 

Athletic Brewing Company, June 1, 2024
'Ambassador Spotlight' by Julie Engler

Comcast Press Release, August 22, 2023

'Comcast Rise Awards Another 100 Businesses with Comprehensive Grants

media kit

Intrins Inq is a boutique wellness lifestyle studio based in Manayunk, Philadelphia that offers coaching, group programs and events, courses, and speaking and consulting services. Justin Mendoza, LCSW, CAADC (he/they) makes holistic health relatable, accessible, and playful, and empowers empaths, entrepreneurs, creatives, and the queer community to 'Unloq the potential within'.

Brand Story

Intrins Inq is a play on the word intrinsic, defined as 'an important and essential characteristic; valuable or interesting due to its basic nature; inseparable from the thing itself'.

The ‘q’ relates to LGBTQ+ and in the logo is a stylized skeleton key, the brand icon, as we all ultimately have the ability to ‘Unloq the potential within’ ...but like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it is a journey and process to 'wake up', truly know that we deserve those ruby slippers, and believe that we hold the power to go home to ourselves!

The key icon also references Ben Franklin’s key and kite experiment trapping lightning in a bottle, an idiom used to refer to something rare and special but possible with calculated risk and bold action. Based in Philadelphia, the brand takes some inspiration from the City of Brotherly Love, a diverse, progressive place with heart, a fighting spirit, and famous for rebellion.

Mission + Vision

Intrins Inq aims to facilitate intentional healing spaces for authentic, conscious connection with  source,  self  and  community, and the integration of accessible solutions for sustainable growth and change.

Intrins Inq envisions a queer-affirming culture inclusive of allies, centered on holistic health and creative expression, so we can live more aligned, supported, empowered and inspired.


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