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Full Cirqle Moments

Manayunk to Manhattan, and back

Like many others and as the above photo attests, I first discovered Northwest Philly and Manayunk as an undergraduate; in my case as a fashion design major at Philadelphia (Jefferson) University. I came to love the area and neighborhood for offering a very attractive balance: multiple transportation options with access to Center City and the Main Line, historic character, a variety of restaurants and retailers with a splash of nightlife, and the jewel that is the Wissahickon Valley!

Though my fashion career led me to Manhattan, after completing my masters' program I decided to move back to Philadelphia, and specifically Manayunk, to pursue my second career. Besides the fond memories and its' aforementioned assets, it just feels like home for me. I love New York but Philly offers a better quality of life, plus it was declared the sixth borough years ago anyway. I returned to a vibrant Main Street where wellness culture still thrives, there are more independent businesses than big corporations, and visible support and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

“those 'full circle moments' where you feel whole, aligned, integrated, and living your purpose are rare and magical"

I'm thankful to have returned prior to pandemic and to support our local economy. The feeling of being rooted in a place I love during a very uncertain time gave me comfort. Intrins Inq found its' home as well on Gay Street in a building that was the former studio of a fashion designer--if that's not a sign I'm on the right path, I don't know what is! Those 'full circle moments' where you feel whole, aligned, integrated, and living your purpose are rare and magical.

I'm proud to be your neighbor and contribute to our community, and hope to have the opportunity to meet and support you on your health and healing journey. See you on Main Street!

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Jay Janicki
Jay Janicki
24 abr

Justin, this was so beautiful! Everything happened the way it was supposed to, like it was the universe redirecting or keeping some aspects of your life in fashion in a different way. What a powerful full-circle moment story. I hope to find myself having that same feeling as you one day.

Me gusta
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